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The people of the future city are united and enlightened. In the blink of an eye their hearts and minds glow with the radiance of transcendent knowing. Knowing the light of a thousand tomorrows of opportunity and hope. Knowing the light that shines from their hearts is all that was ever needed to stay the darkness of ignorance and poverty. Not here they said. Not in our shining future city. They work and play and draw the light from one another until it outshines the sun. The light inside revealed in all. The only light that matters. Together they shine with celebration, laughter and labor shared for all the world to see and in the blink of an eye their radiance is undeniable. Wonder-lit, ink-fueled, awe-inspiring. Blink 2017 was no ordinary event. Spanning 20 city blocks, four nights, and over a million in attendance, it was the largest festival of its kind in the country. The event featured large-scale projection mapping installations, murals, urban artscapes, media light and interactive art. Local, as well as internationally-renowned artists took part in the creation of over 75 art exhibits. Blink transformed the city and surpassed every expectation. Each of the four nights brought hundreds of thousands of people together, proving that design and creativity can be a unifying force for good. Blink will return in Cincinnati 10-13 October 2019.

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Data início: 13/10/2022
Data fim: 16/10/2022
Meses: Out
Frequência: Anual
Local: Cincinatti
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Promotor Evento: Governo Local