Sharjah Light Festival

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Sharjah Light Festival

The first light festival created in the Middle East, the Sharjah Light Festival invites artists from around the world to express themselves in the public space of Sharjah and to support local creativity. Since its first edition, the festival enhances all local Arab-Islamic cultural components that justify the statute of Sharjah as cultural capital of the Arab world: its architectural, religious and landscaped heritage, its city’s inhabitants, its language and writing, history and myths, colors and matters. In 2018, 18 locations across Sharjah were illuminated during the festival. An estimated 1 million visitors took part in the festival.

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Data início: 09/02/2022
Data fim: 20/02/2022
Meses: Fev
Frequência: Anual
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Promotor Evento: Governo Local